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Proper Meal Planning and 

Fitness Training

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Be Strong, Be a Survivor!

Push yourself to the limit to achieve your fitness goals! Train hard and incorporate a well-balanced, disciplined lifestyle with our help here at Survival of the Fittest Health and Wellness Programs LLC. Established in 2000, we provide wellness and fitness programs and nutritious diet meal plans. Our services are available to customers in San Antonio, Texas.

Our Goal

At Survival of the Fittest Health and Wellness Programs LLC, 

it is our duty to honor, respect, accept, and appreciate all individuals 

who are willing to train at our facility by incorporating 

all the programs and disciplines that we have learned to our regimen.

“It’s healthier to look out at the world through a window than through a mirror... Otherwise, all I would see I is myself, and whatever is behind. My Strength doesn’t come from what I can do, it comes from overcoming the things I thought I couldn’t do. This has been my time and now my Life Journey.”

-Donna Gordon

Meet Donna Gordon

From Education to Fitness

Donna has always strived to make a difference. She was an honor graduate and a master’s degree holder from the University of Incarnate Word and continued studying mid-management at Our Lady of the Lake University. She even became a retiree educator and GED program provider at the Bexar County Detention Center through the Alamo Community College District.

Due to having a difficult pregnancy, she ballooned up to 255 pounds. She had gestational diabetes and had to take 72 units of insulin daily, along with taking Synthroid medication for a pregnancy thyroid issue.

Despite all of these struggles, Donna gained a purpose to become a role model for other people. She worked excessively at an all-women’s gym, created a strict diet regimen, and enhanced her cardio day and night.

Donna then further challenged herself by pursuing a career in fitness where she competed in bodybuilding. She trained with one of the best in the world, including Brian Dobson of Metroflex Gym, former Mr. Olympian Ronnie Coleman, and former Miss International Vicky Gates.

Donna’s hard work and training bear fruit in the form of bagging awards from various competitions. Through her accomplishments, she established our gym to help others through their journey of self-discovery and physical change!

Aside from being the owner of our gym, Donna’s also a home-based personal trainer, a fitness trainer at the YMCA, and a corporate fitness specialist for the following facilities:

  • Rackspace
  • Superior Insurance Health Corporation
  • Alamo Alliance Councils of Governments (AACOG)
  • Alzeheimer’s Facilities
  • Senior Programs
  • Military Programs
  • YMCA
  • Active Older Adult Programs (AOA)


  • 1983 – University of Incarnate Word
    • Bachelor’s Degree in Education and Arts (Magna Cum Laude)
  • 1984 – Graduate of University of Incarnate Word
    • Master’s Degree in Education (Adult Education)
    • Learning Disabilities
  • 1986 – Our Lady of the Lake University
    • Mid-Management
    • Retired Educator


  • South Texas Bodybuilding Women Championship 1996: 2nd Place
  • NPC Metroplex Classic World Gym: 3rd Place
  • South Texas Bodybuilding Championship: 1st Place
  • NPC Red River Bodybuilding Classic (Master’s Open): 2nd Place


“The Survival of the fittest program gets 5 stars all the way around. The workouts are different and creative every session. I loved it!!! I will definitely recommend.”

-Cheryl M.

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